About us

The Fudge bar was created in pursuit of creating the most perfect fudge bar. While there is fudge available at markets and supermarkets, we thought we could create something more magical! Fudge needs to be sweet, but balanced with creaminess. Chewy but also should melt in you mouth. 

We tried and tested our recipe for weeks and landed upon our current formula. It's creamy, fluffy, buttery and balanced. Eureka!

So, in 2016, the Fudge Bar was born, selling at markets in Melbourne. We started with a small range of fudges and have used the feedback from our market regulars to create a range of unique flavours. 

We are still a small, growing business and take all feedback very seriously. Please share your thoughts about our products! Lastly, thank you for considering our brand and for your continued support. 

xo The Fudge Bar